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Fire damage for development in the Phases of Ojochal, Costa Rica | Osa Vive


Environmental Destruction. We can stop it, but we need you. Our organization, Osa Vive was formed in 2019 to stop illegal development. Chopping trees, then burning and bulldozing the waste into the rivers of Ojochal was a common protocol for one developer. We saw our rainforest, wildlife, rivers, reefs and mangroves quickly being destroyed. Laws, police interventions and legal rulings were ignored and did nothing to deter them. In that year, one particular fire lasted over a week, causing people to evacuate their home while hundreds of acres were destroyed. That large parcel is still being developed today, unless this greed can be legally and morally stopped. 

This environmental disaster was literally the fire fueled Osa Vive to become a registered Costa Rica nonprofit association. Despite extreme harassment and threats, we have filed lawsuits against this business and the government agencies that turned a blind eye. Legal issues and Covid delayed our plans, but now we’re moving forward stronger than ever. By winning in the courts, we will set an example for other businesses and individuals working in a destructive manner that the community won’t tolerate this kind of irresponsible development. Today, we focus on Ojochal, next we help face the problems of the entire Costa Ballena. 

Our purpose: Promoting legal, responsible and sustainable growth, while monitoring illegal environmental destruction that is making more than a minimum impact ecologically. We’re not against growth if it’s done while abiding by the laws that are in place to protect the environment. Thankfully, our attorney Edgardo Araya is one of the best environmental lawyers internationally. He is just beginning here and is ready to take on other cases in other areas of the coast.

You’ve heard about the problem. Now, let’s talk about the solution. We need your help. Here is how:

  • FUNDRAISING AND DONATIONS. Plan a fundraiser. We are a verified nonprofit organization so all donations are tax write-offs. Easily donate online.
  • Volunteer. Bring your fresh ideas to us. Join Osa Vive as a member or contributor. Commit to attending or zooming in for our meetings. Fluent Spanish speakers are also needed to help with follow-up for legal processes and the government agencies.
  • Share. Submit relevant articles or information to our website or Facebook page. Spread the word by sharing our content with your social network.
  • Monitor. Send photos and details about environmental damage to us. Report illegal activities to the authorities. Our website features exact instructions on what to do for each infraction. 
  • Network. Connect and relate your experiences with a like minded community on our anonymous public forum on the website.   
  • Directory.  Suggest or add businesses that have ecologically evolved. Partner with us. 
  • Unite Nonprofit Organizations.  We are already working with Coral Reefs Costa Rica, Inoceania, Reserva Playa Tortuga and ASANA. If you belong to one of these groups, attend our meetings to see how we can combine efforts. Should you know of another organization with similar goals, let us know.
  • Media. Send us your publicity contacts with local and international media. We need to get the word out. 

TOGETHER, let’s protect our precious jewel, the Costa Ballena and its rainforest, rivers, mangroves, reefs and wildlife. WE can stop the destruction with your help.

Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. – Stewart Udall