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Common Questions

What constitutes illegal development in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has very stringent laws around how property can be altered and buildings can be constructed to preserve it's lush landscape and the wildlife within. Any significant burning, cutting, earth sculpting or construction requires crucial permitting and ecological studies to be done legally. Please see our News and Guides section for more detailed information.

What should I do if I see illegal forest destruction?

You should report the damage to SINAC. You can file a denuncia online or call them at 1192 (or 911 for emergency urgent situations). See our Reporting Guide for more detailed information.

Do you need permits to cut down trees?

Yes! Costa Rica laws require a permit for cutting anything larger than 20 cm in diameter. If you do need to trim or cut trees, there are many fantastic tree cutting companies in the area who can help you with this.

Is hunting allowed in Costa Rica?

No. Costa Rica does not allow hunting of any kind. If you see poachers, please contact SINAC at 1192 or 911.

How can I volunteer with Osa Vive?

We are currently looking for writers and content developers. Those with a background in biological sciences are a great match.You can also contribute to our online Community Forum. We will be developing new volunteer programs along with our partners. Contact us to see what is available. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated! 

Are my donations to Osa Vive tax deductible?

Yes! If you would like to donate to Osa Vive, then your entire contribution is tax deductible because we are an accredited Costa Rica NGO Association. Upon completion of online donations you will instantly be emailed a receipt for your records.

Quick Reference Guide

At Osa Vive we understand the navigating environment laws and developing sustainably can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most common questions that we receive. Here are some helpful links as well:

  • FORUM |  Chat with others and share your experiences 
  • EVENTS | Connect with a like minded community 
  • DIRECTORY | Find verified eco businesses in the area

Still Have Questions?

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