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[Sticky] How to report suspected illegal environmental destruction

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Osa Vive Reporting Checklist

In the event of coming across suspected improper development of land, cutting down trees, clearing of land, movement of large portions of soil, disruption to river banks, large burnings, etc., follow the checklist of actions below:

  1. Confront the people engaged in the action and ask for permits and other relevant papers. Make a copy with your phone.
  2. Video their response, especially if they choose not to provide any papers.  
  3. Take photographs of the people engaged in the process of committing the suspect illegal action.
  4. Take photographs of the license plates of all vehicles present.
  5. Take a PIN location with WhatsApp or Google Maps.
  6. Call 911 (emergency services) and report the event. Even if they do not respond immediately with a visit, your complaint will be recorded. Make a written note of the complaint for your own record too.
  7. Call 1192 (environmental services) and file a complaint verbally. Get the number of the complaint.
  8. Call 8860-9135 and make a report to Walter Cubero Acuna, the new director of SINAC.
  9. Call 8705-1692 and make a report to the National Parks Services.
  10. File a written complaint on this website:  Try first under the number given to you by 1192. If you called and it isn’t yet in the system, file the complaint under a new number. Upload all the relevant photos you have taken.
  11. Send OSA Vive the number of your complaint from Sitada to
  12. Follow up with the Sitada website  (from #10).



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